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ProStarz Gaming, Inc. is a content provider of online, mobile, live dealer, TV, and land-based patented and proprietary casino games. ProStarz provides innovative and exciting games designed to ‘socialize’ the gambling experience, challenge the expert player, be taught in under 30 seconds, and add an increased ‘edge’ to the casino operators through exciting play as players chase a progressive jackpot. Additional games with interesting and leveraged side bets are also a mainstay of the ProStarz line.

ProStarz currently has eleven patented or patented applied for titles including High Hand Blackjack (Licensed to and marketed by Games Marketing, London), Quadbet Blackjack, Blackjack Envy, Blackjack Bust’em, Blackjack Poker, Double-Deal Blackjack, 3Bet Blackjack, Blackjack Swap, Showdown Texas Hold’em, FlopBet Poker, and Baccarat Panda Poker.

Fred Noyes

Fred Noyes



Fred Noyes has been a gambler and entrepreneur from an early age. He has successfully started four separate companies including an import business in which he designed and supplied software (the apparel kind) to the U.S. Ski Team for a five-year period including two Olympics. 

Over the years he developed a strong interest in math and game psychology as it related to gambling. 

He has written a book on Blackjack, available at the Gambler’s Book Club in Las Vegas (under a pseudonym) and fully understands the ‘numbers’ associated with the game.  



ProStarz Gaming, Inc. relies heavily on the internet to market its games. Where some of the games are very simple, ProStarz will deal directly with the online software provider, operator, or live dealer manager.

For land-based casinos, ProStarz will provide designs and materials to assist in the start-up of a new game.  ProStarz will also provide in-house training to dealers and others regarding the rules and Neveda Gaming Board approved methods of dealing.

ProStarz Gaming is in the process of establishing a marketing campaign and sales force to introduce its line of games.



ProStarz Gaming, Inc. is contracted with Games Marketing of London, UK for Highhand Blackjack.

For inquiries regarding these games please contact them at gamesmarkeing.com.