Blackjack Bust 'Em



Blackjack Bust’em is a lot like High Hand Blackjack in that Players chase a progressive jackpot while trying to have the highest hand alone at the table when the Dealer busts.

A side bet is placed into a progressive jackpot that is won by the Player with the highest hand alone when the Dealer busts.

The casino gains an added edge to the game when Players ‘chase’ the progressive jackpot. In doing so they will hit many times more and bust their own hands while attempting to be alone at the table with the highest hand. Players that are involved with a progressive jackpot will most likely not leave the table until a winner is declared. As in High Hand Blackjack, basic strategy play goes out the window. The casino edge goes up.


Here is how it works:

  • Players place their bets.
  • Players make side bet into a Progressive Jackpot while playing standard Blackjack.
  • To win jackpot Dealer must bust.
  • Doubling-down and Pair-splitting require an additional side bet.
  • Deal rotates around the table.