Double-Deal Blackjack allows Players to take the risk of playing against a Dealer 2nd hand with the requirement that they ‘double’ their original bet. The essence of DoubleDeal Blackjack is that you can double your bet and then have the chance of doubling it again when dealt pairs or 2-card double down cards. When pairs are split and the Player has a 9, 10, or 11 the Player may double down once more giving the Player a chance of turning each 1 unit bet into several 8 unit bets, a very large leveraging factor.

This is truly a ‘gambler’s’ bet as the Player is betting against an as yet unseen second Dealer hand. However, allowed on first 2-card hands of 18 or under, the Player can turn low pairs or ‘stiff’ hands into big wins if the Dealer’s second or ‘blind’ hand is poor or if the Dealer bust.

Here is how it works:

  • Players place their bets.
  • Blackjack is dealt out as usual with the players receiving two cards up while the dealer receives one card up and one card down. The dealer also receives two additional cards down which represent a “Second Dealer Hand”.
  • After each player receives their first two cards, but after the dealer checks for a natural blackjack, if the player has a total of 18 or less, he may choose to “DoubleDeal” to the second dealer hand by placing a “DoubleDeal” wager equal in amount to his main wager.
  • After all players have made this decision, the dealer checks his hole card and plays his hand only against those players who did not choose to “DoubleDeal” to the second dealer hand with the following house rules employed:
  • Once the dealer has finished this first hand, and all cards for the first round are cleared, the dealer combines the regular wager and “DoubleDeal” wager for each player who chose to “DoubleDeal” to the second hand, and the dealer reveals the top card of this second hand.

At this point, the dealer then checks for a natural blackjack and plays against those players who “DoubleDeal” to play against the second hand.

Finally, all hands are cleared and a new round may begin.

  1. A Player natural pays 3:2
  2. Players may double down on any two card hand, and after splitting.
  3. Players may split any pair except Aces to a total of four hands.
  4. Players only receive one card on split Aces.
  5. The Dealer must hit on a total of soft 17.
  6. Player loses original bet on DoubleDeal hand if Dealer flops a Blackjack.
  7. On DoubleDeal hands Player loses to Dealer 22.