Players make a side bet into a progressive jackpot. Players are betting that they alone will have the highest hand at the table. All Dealer wins and Player ties cause the jackpot to roll over.

This game changes everything about Blackjack. It turns the game into a Blackjack/Poker game where Players are rooting for each other and even the Dealer at times because they want another chance at the jackpot. As the progressive jackpot grows the Players start to play for the jackpot and ‘misplay’ their hand by hitting on standing hands in the hopes of gaining the highest hand at the table and winning the jackpot. Basic strategy play goes out the window. The casino edge goes up.


Here’s how it works:

  • Any player can place a “side bet” that he or she will beat other Players at the table.
  • Individuals play against the house as usual, but only the highest Hand on the table wins the jackpot.
  • Tied or “push” hands require another round of play thereby Accumulating the jackpot total.
  • Double-downs and pair splitting require an additional side bet.
  • A player cannot “push” himself.
  • The dealer/casino may also partake of the game.
  • The casino’s vigorish comes from a 3% take from each jackpot.

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