Texas Hold’em has taken over the poker world. Two million people are playing Texas Hold’em every day over the internet and thousands more in Casinos. Simple to play, “Showdown Texas Hold’em” gives players new reasons to enter the game and try different strategies. Folding before the “flop” doesn’t mean you have to wait and watch without a cash involvement in each hands outcome. The accumulating “jackpot” adds excitement to the game and having a chance to win the “jackpot” after first beating everyone else at the table adds a new dimension to the game. Bluffing and/or winning with a low hand increases the chances of taking the “jackpot”, and when the dealer’s hand wins, you can win as well.

Showdown Texas Hold’em™ has a U.S. Patent pending with other applications for worldwide rights.

Each Player makes a side bet of equal amount into a progressive jackpot. The game is played out as usual. In those games where a ‘river’ card is dealt and a winner declared the Dealer then turns over 2 cards to herself thereby creating a ‘Dealer Hand’. If the ‘Dealer Hand’ beats the winning hand then the Player that had the winning hand also wins the jackpot.

Texas Hold’em is a game that can drag on and have Players loose interest in each hand as they ‘muck’ their own hand. Showdown Texas Hold’em changes this. Players begin to ‘socialize’ as the progressive jackpot grows. Each Player becomes interested in the outcome of the current hand even though they may have ‘mucked’ their cards. As the jackpot grows Players start to rethink the way they want to play out their own hand. Some Players will ‘bluff’ their way to the river card in hopes of winning the table hand and having a weak winning hand such that the Dealer Hand will win, thereby giving them the jackpot.

It is not easy for the Dealer to just turn over 2 cards and come up with a hand (with the community cards) that beats the table winning hand. Jackpots will grow quickly and it might even be prudent to have jackpots go to the table winning hand perhaps after 10 or 15 rounds (at casino’s discretion).

Casinos gain an added edge to the game by taking a  rake from the jackpot.


Here’s how it works:

  • Game is played as usual.
  • A side bet of a predetermined amount is made by all players at the table. This side bet is placed into a separate “jackpot” which accumulates until there is a winner.
  • After the normal play of the Texas Hold’em game is completed the dealer “buries” the next 2 cards from the remaining deck and then proceeds to turn face up and place on the table 2 more cards. These 2 cards represent the “showdown” hand which competes with the winning hand at the table for the “jackpot”.
  • If the “showdown” hand beats the winning hand then the “jackpot” is won.
  • If the “showdown” hand does not beat the winning hand then everyone must “ante up” another side bet which goes into the accumulating “showdown” jackpot.
  • The Dealer (casino) takes a rake out of each “jackpot”.